Looking for the Best Area’s of Stockton, Ca to buy a home?

Tools of the Trade:  Having grown up in Stockton, Ca I feel I have a great knowledge of which areas are good and which are not.  I know this without having to do research or investigation.  However, occasionally it helps to be able to displays and confirm my thoughts with visual tools.

One such tool, which helps identify high crime areas is from trulia.com.  You are able to ZOOM into a specific neighborhood and identify the amount of crime in and area and the most recent crimes.

Not to my surprise is the most RED, which indicates high trouble spots, are the downtown and south of downtown areas of Stockton.  One needs to be careful though.  North Stockton is not without its hot spots.  This is were a great and experience real estate agent comes into the scene.  : )

This map can help you SELL your home too!  Imagine having this map printed out at an open house for potential buyers to see.  That is of course you live in one of the trouble free areas of town.

Click here to see LODI, CA map.

I hope this helps.  How did your area check out?  Let me know by commenting below…

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