Stockton Home Prices Go Back to the Future

In my recent research of the Stockton Housing Market, I was amazed that home prices in Stockton have fallen all the way back to 2001 levels.  What were you doing in February of 2001?  In February of 2001, the Median priced sold home in Stockton was $140,000 according to the data on

2001 Median Home Prices - Stockton, Ca

Now, look at today’s chart from last year and into January 2011.  What happened over the past 10 years for Stockton Home appreciation?  NADA. Wiped away from the housing bubble burst.

Jan 2011 Median Home Prices

Now that we have gone back to the future or the past in this case, what would you like to do over again?  Could this be the best time to buy in Stockton’s History?

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